Sunday, July 14, 2019

Strawberry Picking with Susannah Hunter

I have wanted a Susannah Hunter leather appliqué bag for some time. (Actually, back in the day I did buy a black overnight bag appliquéd with lilies from Saks, but returned it).

A happy convergence of events led me to one in June: My birthday (and the possibility of a gift from my family), my remembered fondness for picking strawberries every June in Prince Edward Island with my grandmother to make jam, and Susannah's summer sale.

Et voilà my new strawberry bag. It makes me berry, berry happy.

Tennis Dresses Wimbledon Women's and Men's Final 2019: Frills, Flounces, and Heritage Lace

It's not easy to wear frills, flounces, and heritage-y lace channels. One runs the risk of either dressing too "little girl" or "grandma." I am an absolute proponent of wearing what one wants; it just needs to suit the wearer (and if they love it, grand!).

That said, I thought that Pippa Middleton and Mirka Federer made some statement-y choices for the women's and men's Wimbledon finals, respectively.

Pippa wore an Anna Mason London dress, customized in Liberty blue. It has fluttery sleeves and flouncy tiers. At first glance I thought Pippa had ordered a mini version, which I would not have liked, but the longer versions balances the sleeves, I think.

Today Mirka is in a very pale floral Zimmermann dress, which has the potentially Grandma lace channels, and fluttery sleeves a well. But I think she's channeling more vintage eccentric, which works on this hot summer day. It was shown with tennis shoes, above. I wonder if that's why she selected it . . .

Miss C's Story on Casilda Mut in Selvedge

My most recent story for Selvedge is in the Latin issue. It's on Claire Coello, founder of Mexican label Casilda Mut. Pictures below!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Miss C's Cover-Story Tote by Selvedge

One of the stories I loved writing for London's lovely Selvedge Magazine was on the concept of "upcycling," as done by designer Momo Wang.

That magazine cover is now one of a series of limited edition Selvedge tote bags made by re-wrap.

I think I would like to carry one to school in the fall . . .

(P.S.: This is NOT a sponsored post--that's not my style.)

Block Party: Miss C's Obsession with Block Print Fabric

If I could add another dimension to my life, I would love to design and print textiles, using a hand block print method.

I've loved block prints for years (see here) and tonight my search began, curiously enough, with J Crew and a dress I'm not buying, although it's in my virtual shopping bag . . .

. . . and moved to SZ, which is making some lovely printed clothes (see the pink dress above).

If I were to design fabric, I don't think I'd make it into clothing, though. I'd probably use it for quilts and maybe scarves.

In the meantime, I'm feasting my eyes on details from these SZ scarves, and plotting.

Now if I could only block off some time to do this . . .

Sunday, January 6, 2019

My Brilliant Friend: Some Clothes

I've just finished watching the first season of Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend, which to me is a glorious hybrid: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn meets The Godfather, Part 2.

It's not "Chloe liked Olivia," either, because the two protagonists are indeed competitive and jealous, though they also appear to love each other deeply.

And although an important plot focus is shoes, that's not what thrilled me sartorially. Rather, I loved the beautifully cut collars of the girls' school uniforms, the painterly sheen to Lenu's bow, Lenu's summer dresses.

I'll be counting the hours until Season 2 is aired, and definitely know what I'll be reading over my spring break.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Fanny Be Tender . . . A Canary Yellow Belt Bag from COS

Do you know the Bee Gees song "Fanny (Be Tender with My Love)" from 1975 (see video link below)?

It came to mind today as I was contemplating fanny packs.

Now, I did not wear a fanny pack in the Big 80s, not do I plan to wear one now, so please don't be alarmed.

But I do plan on slinging this gorgeous yellow belt bag from COS cross body, just like so, and never will I utter the word "fanny" in a fashion context--only in song (and literature).