Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Trip to Ireland: Brown Thomas, and Úna Burke's Leather Epaulettes (and update)

My daughter spent two weeks at Irish boarding school learning Gaelic, so Mr. C and I (and our other two children) flew over to pick her up and to take a literary holiday.

We began in Cork and drove around the west coast till we reached Galway, spent some time on the largest Aran island, and took the train to Dublin for our remaining days. It was utterly glorious, and like any naughty reader, I'll start at the end, with some discoveries from Dublin.

I felt utterly comfortable in tourist mode, so we did things like going to see the first-ever all-Irish cast of the musical Once. Before the performance began, I dipped into the first-floor Portrait Bar, which contained larger-than-life photographs of performers who'd appeared there, at the Olympia Theatre.

I was particularly struck by this image of Saorise Ronan in her iron corset, rendered in black and white, glowering down at my banquette from the considerably tall walls.

Then I wandered into Brown Thomas, run by British-Canadian Galen Weston, who has long held businesses in Ireland (not to mention he married an Irishwoman!), and promptly fell in love with a display along the balcony: these leather epaulettes by Irish designer (based in London) Úna Burke. They have a touch of prim, but pack a thrill, and I think they would be a delight to wear--I'd even break my rule and buy a "crisp white blouse" for them!

To wear on another day, there were fascinators galore, all of which seemed to play the Game of Thrones angle. (I've never seen this show; I come by my medievalism via my Chaucerian background and my Beowulf-professor husband. But I IMAGINE they reference GoT.)

I loved the one with spikes (see details above), but would gladly wear them all.

Upon returning and tucking into the TV show Odd Mom Out, I saw Jill Kargman was wearing Úna, and its au courant status was immediately buckled up. Ahem.

Although this harness really screams Britomart, the female warrior,  more than Una, Spenser's Faerie Queene.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Foulard's Paradise: Miss Cavendish on Mary Katrantzou in Selvedge Magazine

My story on Mary Katrantzou's resort collection is forthcoming in Selvedge Magazine's June issue, due out this week.

I originally titled the story "Foulard's Paradise" (before the colon [wink] ) because Katrantzou used vintage necktie and scarf prints throughout her collection. Selvedge gave it the politer--and doubtless more appropriate--title that you'll see here.

I love the images, and if the print is legible in the story, you'll see that they remind of of Patrick Nagel illustrations.

The chakra issue, #17.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Stamp Collecting: Oscar, Gee's Bend, Wonder Woman, and Audrey

Today at the post office I couldn't resist these new stamps celebrating Oscar de la Renta and his storied career.

 And then I saw these, featuring Wonder Woman, in a variety of Power Poses, 
so they came home with me too.

They joined these stamps commemorating the quilts of Gee's Bend from 2006,

and these of Audrey Hepburn, which I bought in 2003.

I once had these stamps featuring Grace Kelly, from 1992,

and actually used them. I won't make that mistake twice.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Miss C on Delpozo's Lunar Resort Collection for Selvedge Magazine

It's been a lovely week of spring break, and just when I'm thinking about returning to the classroom, I see a new opportunity to travel: Josep Font for Madrid's Delpozo has designed the prettiest collection based on Georges Méliè's Voyage dans la lune (1902).

I've written about it for London's lovely Selvedge magazine, and share the pages here. The issue is called "Trade Winds" and is the May/June issue, to be published later this spring.

And the film!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Marion's Trench Coat

No one wears a trench coat like Marion.

So forget about an off-the-shoulder look or a jaunty hat. 

Forget about going classic

Or accessorizing with a beautiful woman.

Marion's got this all buttoned up.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Comma Chameleon: Understanding the Oxford Comma

Audrey Hepburn could pose like a comma.
The Oxford comma (which I usually call the "serial comma") has been in the news this week. The lack of it in a sentence is, apparently, the key to winning or losing a lawsuit in Maine.

As someone who was born and bred in Canada, works as a copyeditor (and literature/journalism professor) in the United States, and writes for a (gorgeous) British magazine, my understanding is this:

In Canada and Great Britain, the Oxford comma is NOT used. In the United States, it IS used, EXCEPT in journalism.

It's confusing. Fortunately Boy George wrote the song "Comma Chameleon" to help us out (wink):

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Tale of Two Cities: Montreal and London (and Meghan's Beautiful Erdem Dress)

I was cheered when I saw Meghan Markle wearing Erdem to a wedding with Harry Wales, because I think it's perfect for her.

Meghan, who lives in Toronto but dates an Englishman, wore a dress by designeErdem Moralıoğlu, who was born in Montreal and now lives in London. 

I've written about Erdem before, most recently in my Selvedge story on dark florals, of which Meghan's dress is a lovely example. It takes this dark print:

and applies it to the dress above, right.

I also write about Erdem here, in my Selvedge story about Jenny King, master embroiderer.