Saturday, July 2, 2016

Miss C on the Politics of Casual Dressing in Selvedge Magazine

I'm waiting for the July issue of Selvedge to cross the pond; it contains a story on casual dressing that invited me not only to talk about current dress codes (to dress down or up?) but to contemplate the politics of casual dressing when a woman is of a certain age.

I've framed the article with some thoughts on the audience reaction to Jenny Beavan's choice of attire when she accepted her Academy Award for costume design for Mad Max; readers may remember that the red carpet leading to the stage was lined with side-eye as Beavan confidently walked it in her bomber jacket, clompy boots, and baggy trousers.

I was delighted to interview my talented cousin Hannah Thomson, who takes photographs of social events in New York, and has lots of experience seeing how women dress--both on the red carpet and at parties.

Friday, April 1, 2016

"Brooklyn" or Brackley Beach?

Ireland or PEI?

PEI or Ireland?
Tonight I watched the film Brooklyn and loved it for maybe all the wrong reasons: It reminded me of my own home on Prince Edward Island, and also of our Island narrative.

When the camera caressed the dunes in Ireland, I was positive that the movie was being filmed on Brackley Beach, so alike were the locations (Brooklyn's beach scenes were filmed on Curracloe Strand, Ireland.

And then I kept seeing Megan Follows' face in Saoirse Ronan's. Megan is, of course, better known as Anne of Green Gables. Both heroines have intelligence in their eyes, and a can-do spirit.

But what of the choices each heroine makes at the end of her story? Anne stays home on the Island -- where Gilbert also is -- and Eilis returns to Brooklyn --where Jim is not, but where Tony is.

In Brooklyn here's also a bit of Mr. Selfridge, with a touch of Mrs. Rachel Lynde. No raspberry cordial, but spaghetti lessons with a spoon, which is akin to drinking too much cordial/currant wine; it just isn't done, but serves the plot well. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ears the thing . . . (Happy Easter!)

As my avatar suggests, I do enjoy a good bunny ear in the right style context. 

Here are a few favourites, in the spirit of Easter confections . . .

Happy Easter!

Ears by Louis Vuitton

Miss Candice Bergen at Truman Capote's Black and White ball
Mask by Gladys Paulus; photo by Bella West

Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Flock of (Gucci) Frocks

It seems to me that Adele is wearing the prettiest dresses on magazine pages these days.

My favourite is this Gucci bird-embellished dress that looks like it has been customized because it shows on the runway with a considerably lower neckline and a less poetic colour:

It's not easy to incorporate a bird into one's look, as Reed Krakoff once found out.

Remember when a first lady hopeful wore Krakoff's $1K silk bird tee on morning television and feathers subsequently flew?

Sure, the price of the tee was an issue, but to my eye what truly ran Krakoff afowl was that the bird looked much more like a slithery water creature than an avian.

Gucci, however, is so confident in its iteration that a capsule collection has taken flight: the bird appears also on solid in long:

and on solid in short (well, "midi"):

And all I can say, per Fanny Brice, via Adele, is "Hello, goawrjuss!"

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dries, Please . . .

I love clothing and accessories that are off the beaten path--the more eccentric the better.

And with this first day of spring, it's time to store my shearling bag and find something less wintery but still whimsical.

I pulled out a favourite bag by Dries Van Noten, a slender black envelope on a strap with a craftsperson-inspired brass "buckle."

And as if the designer is in agreement, today the New York Times published the illustrated Dries Van Noten interview, which I include, with charming animation, here.

So I decided it's a good day to enjoy a Dries retrospective, with some favourite looks over the years (including Harry the pup).

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Miss Cavendish Meets Ace & Jig for Selvedge Magazine

It was so much fun to meet and chat via email with Jenna and Cary of Ace & Jig for my latest story in Selvedge Magazine.

These Brooklyn-based designers are smart, warm, and wonderfully obsessed with textiles--both researching them and creating their own woven fabrics.

In January they mounted a larger-than-life installation of their weaving at Liberty of London, where the looms and woven cloth functioned as "walls" for their boutique. In this article they talk about their design heritage, and remember their grandmothers' influence fondly.

My story is in the March/April millinery issue, and to mark the occasion, the contributors' page features authors in their hats. I'm at the bottom, in my favourite Eric Javits brim.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Couture Crochet in Selvedge Magazine

 I'm delighted to share my forthcoming story for Selvedge Magazine on the couture crochet of designers Katie Jones (London) and Helen Rödel (Brazil). 

It will appear in the Jan/Feb issue, with a "carnival" theme. (I love the cover.)