Monday, July 20, 2009

Interview from the Underwire: Talking Style with Quinn Cummings

Perhaps you already read The QC Report, a droll, hilarious blog written by Quinn Cummings about her life in LA. It doesn’t involve red carpet moments, though Quinn’s early career suggests it could: she acted in productions such as the film The Goodbye Girl and the TV show Family.

Quinn has (very successfully) reinvented herself as a writer and has just published her first book, Notes from the Underwire: Adventures from My Awkward and Lovely Life. If we're talking recipes, then Quinn's writing style reminds me of a 3/4 cup of David Sedaris, peppered with a dash of Susan Orlean. Plus she has a strong animal rights conscience.

As the subtitle to this blog is “literate style,” I avoided exclusively bookish queries and asked Quinn two questions that address the intersection of style and writing (they don’t involve commas).

Miss Cavendish: What is your most memorable literary moment involving clothing?

Quinn Cummings: Scarlett's green dress. I loved Gone with the Wind, for all the right, wrong, pulpy reasons; I was twelve, she was badly behaved and still gorgeous and desirable, and she had green eyes. I'm still a little convinced my eyes changed from mostly brown to mostly green in adolescence out of love for her.

MC: And what do you wear when you write?

QC: Either the t-shirt which encourages people to adopt a pet rather than buy one or the t-shirt I bought to help support the Michael Vick dogs at Both t-shirts are elderly and doddering. With this goes pajama bottoms I believe I wore while first figuring out how to swaddle my baby as an infant. Realizing as I write this that I must be very confident in Consort's love because these might be the ugliest outfits on earth.

MC: Thanks, Quinn!


Quinn Cummings said...

Thanks for the interview!

WendyB said...

OT but we'd spoken about Todd Oldham's Western look a while ago. Take a look at this!

enc said...

Eloquence on both parts!