Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to School with Alfred H

I popped in to J Crew's end-of-summer sale last week, really too late to have much of a selection, but timely enough to scoop up a pencil skirt in "natural"--kind of an antique/winter white and a very lightweight merino pullover (silhouette below) in a prettier colour (vivid aqua, pictured further below). 

I plan to wear these with my berry pumps in the classroom, for a sorbet Hitchcock look.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Quilting by the Pool

Last night I completed a quilt top, and took a photo of it today, sunning itself by the pool. (My iPhone's smarts do not capture how vibrant the colours are; click on the image for a better idea.)

It's a log cabin variation, with two traditional cabins (in untraditional colours) in two corners and kind of a bento box, or maybe a loft log cabin elsewhere (all that space reminds me of a loft).

I made my quilt top mostly from my scrap bag--there's fabric from Amish country; lots from my beloved Liberty of London; some from 7th Avenue's Fashion District, circa 1997, when I wanted to start a neckwear line; and one piece from a generous student.

To continue my "lofty" thoughts, I'll get a proper backing fabric from Purl Soho (whose neighbors include lofts aplenty) and then quilt.

Or I may simply tie knots in the colourful fabric with embroidery floss (burying the ends, bien sur)and may embroider/quilt something on the linen-y sections.

Or who knows? I know better than to plan ahead when making something; I prefer to let the piece unfold as it likes.