Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Ears Eve: Miss Cavendish Hearts Kate Spade's Bunny Accessories

Today I upgraded my phone and needed a new case. When I went to Kate Spade, my avatar was delighted to see the new "magic" collection, or as I call it, "bunny ears."

Interested readers can explore Kate's website, but I'll share my two favorites here:

the top-hat bag:

and my new iphone case:

The bunny-ear applique is on dove-grey leather, which doesn't show up so well in this photo. When you open it up, like a book, your phone appears, as if by magic.

Wishing every reader tonight a very Happy New Ears Eve!

The Shape of Things: Two Picks for 2017

Two shapes I love for the New Year:

These boots by Christian Louboutin

and this perfume bottle from Miu Miu.

I have no idea what the fragrance is like, but the bottle makes me happy every time I see it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Edit: Small Caps (Cap Sleeves on Puffers)

As puffer jackets shrink and become thinner, it only makes sense that their shapes shrink too. The puffer jacket wth cap sleeves is enticing because it suggests more polish and style than a vest.

A favourite is from the Italian company Herno, pictured right, avec pussy bow, and below, sans:

Even though I've seen this jacket worn over a short sleeve, I don't recommend it, as the effect is a bit too Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love, aka not a flattering length/look.

Moncler has a version, too:

And there's a less pricey one at Kohl's, as well:

My editing pencil stets them all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pom-Pom Power

When I was little I desperately wanted a poodle because I LOVED the idea of pom-poms. Little did I know that a pom-pom-ed poodle would require meticulous grooming that was beyond my 10-year-old self. In fact, the only enduring pom-pom was the one in his name.

Over the last couple of seasons pom-poms have been appearing in miniature on scarves, shorts, bags, dresses, etc. I still like the dramatic touch of an oversized, often spare pom, though, as on these garments:

Diane von Furstenberg hat, to the right, circa 2009:

Universal Utility by Carin Mansfield, below:

Eugenia Kim baseball cap with pom, below:

And my childhood inspiration:

My own goldendoodle wears a more wild and woolly Scottish sheep coiffure:


But his "mother" *could* feel a bit like a poodle in these pom-pom-ed sneakers by Steve Madden:

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Powder Puff Winter Style: Think Pink

As I sit by the glow of my Christmas tree in my deep-pinkish-red room, fluffy snowflakes falling outside my window, I'm currently obsessing over something equally pink and fluffy: this hat and these slides.

The pink baseball cap is from Opening Ceremony and also comes in an appealing camel (as well as more run-of-the mill black, leopard, and gray). The camel reminds me of butterscotch pudding, which adds to its appeal.

But it's the pink that evokes the old-time glamour of my mother's dressing-table powder puff. I'd love to wear this out in the snow with any jacket or coat.

Then these pink mink slides from Givenchy break all my rules: I don't like slides, I don't seek out fur. But these have a delicate sturdiness, coupled with a frivolous seriousness that I like.

And then these Miu Miu sandals have no business being shown during winter, but I think that their jeweled feathery embellishments are delightful. They remind of of Christmas ornaments, angel wings, and tinsel.

I could either hang them on my Christmas tree, or wear them underneath.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Miss C on Dark Florals or Night Blooms in Selvedge Magazine's "Wild" Issue

As the days grow darker, so do my thoughts on fashion.

Here's my latest piece for London's beautiful Selvedge Magazine's "Wild" issue, on dark florals, or "night blooms," as I've titled the article.

Literary and/or Canadian readers will find a reference to Michael Ondaatje's The Cat's Table; cinemaphiles will spy  Barbara Stanwyck-esque beauty wearing what I'm calling "floral fatale"; and royal followers may recognize (the name of) Princess Elizabeth of Toro, the lawyer and diplomat from Uganda who was also an important model in the late 1960s. The photo on the opening page is "The Dress Lamp Tree, England," by Tim Walker (2002).

It's an eclectic garden.