Friday, January 25, 2008

Crease Is the Word?

Today the Sartorialist ran a couple of photos about a trend he spotted in Italy: creased jeans. I immediately fired off a response about how I cannot abide said creases, unless they are worn by cowgirls/cowboys.

But I made an error: I assumed that the cowgirl/cowboy’s boots helped to produce the crease. Indeed, making the crease—and a white crease too—is a significant part of an authentic western wardrobe, as this blog entry from a "sixth-generation Texan" shows.

But even the above-noted crease-endorsing person states, no creases with tennis shoes; that’s a total faux pas. (And don’t even bring up pleats.) As for me, I prefer the Jack Kerouac-inspired jeans look above.

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