Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forget What? Gwyneth's Grammy Performance Recalls Janice

Updated below with video

The other night I was watching the Grammys and amusing (only) myself by "live-tweeting" the event.

And "tweeting" is the appropriate verb, because as soon as I saw Cee Lo in his Elton John meets Elmo-inspired costume, my virtual feathers began to fly across the keyboard. 

I knew that Gwyneth Paltrow was scheduled to perform with him, so I posed a question on Twitter:  "Does that mean Gwynnie will be Janice"? 

You all remember Janice, right? 

The lead guitarist from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem? 

Gwyneth certainly has the hair:

And she has learned how to play the guitar:

Janice poseable action-figure

But alas; disappointment reigned.  For Gwyneth dressed in a black catsuit (what New York Magazine called an homage to bad-girl Sandy from Grease) accented with hot-pink feather earrings.

I get the Sandy reference, but I thought of another icon immediately; well, two icons really.

In her black suit, Gwyneth conjured a ventriloquist, or a puppeteer, which would be completely appropriate, given her fellow musicians.

And the feathers in her ear lobes?  I saw a reference to Wayland Flowers and Madame:

Indeed it was a brilliant piece of performance art to evoke two such different individuals in one simple outfit.

Here is the original--Elton with the Electric Mayhem and Janice grooving on guitar:


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L'age moyen said...

I gotta say that I was so distracted by the ridiculous height of her shoes (and the vanity that suggested) and was just waiting for her to fall over. What is with all the super super high heels that were worn on Grammy night? These women could barely walk? Where fashion meets stupid. O.k. that's my rant for today.