Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Paille It On

Today is our faculty rock concert, and I'm looking forward to wearing paillettes!

The dress to the right, by Valentino, is lovely, but a tad too ladylike for the event.

My dress, from Banana Republic, is shown here in an image from the shop's website. 

I'll be adding a skinny black patent belt, because I like a defined waist. But is it really that short? Hmmm.

These Pierre Hardy shoes weren't on my radar, but they'd definitely add to the pile of paillettes.  But that would be too matchy-matchy for this contrarian.  I'll be wearing some Opening Ceremony zip-up-open-toe and-heel-cut-out booties.  (Where's an en-dash on Blogger when you need one?)

Back to the matchy-matchy realm: I'd make an exception to my rule for everything in the gloriously fluffy Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 collection.


Belle de Ville said...

The Valention is a bit baby-dollish for me but I do love the booties.

materfamilias said...

Obviously, you Rocked this look and your concert must have rocked as well!