Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Queen of Hearts, She Wore Some . . .

Tartan, actually.  Or Black Watch, to be specific.

I wore some tartan myself, during my boarding school years in Canada.  Our school was part of the Black Watch Cadet Corps, so we were automatically enlisted and, when we went on parade, decked ourselves in Full Highland Dress, complete with a heavy, scratchy Black Watch kilt.

Black Watch did not make a stylish statement for me back then, but when I moved to Ottawa for university, I bought a Black Watch winter scarf from Roots and l.o.v.e.d. how it brought a touch of Scottish moor to my Robe di Kappa down jacket (essential for skating to class every day on the Rideau Canal).

I've gone on to buy a Black watch shirt from J Crew, which couldn't be more opposite of my original kilt.  It's made of the thinnest cotton that I'm positive will rip with every move.  So far, so good, though.

I was contemplating a Black Watch purchase just the other week; in fact, I bookmarked the shoe below at Saks, a McQ patent monk-strap with a BW inlay.  There were three sizes left, and mine was one of them. What stopped me? The *sale* price, which seemed excessive.

But I kept going back to visit, thinking I might splurge for a Christmas gift (and I could use a gift right now, as a very expensive and well-loved bag was stolen from me last week).

Then Kate wore her McQueen tartan dress to St. Andrews, bloggers blogged about McQ's other tartan items, and likethat! the shoe disappeared in my size. It's easier to mourn a loss when it wasn't yours to begin with.

Still, the shoe is available in one size up.  One does not want to flop about in sloppy monk-straps, but I wonder whether McQ shoes just might run small. Or maybe I should just eat a tart.


LPC said...

Wow. That's a downright beautiful coat.

materfamilias said...

I'm voting for you to check out the shoes. You need some solace after the loss of your bag!
My mom made me a midi-length hooded cape in the very early 70s out of a beautifully sturdy Black Watch wool, lined with a luxuriously heavy satin (probably poly, but very nice nonetheless). I hung on to it for years and years . . . and can only hope someone worthy discovered it in a thrift shop and has been enjoying its marvels this last cape-go-round. . .

Anonymous said...

I almost bought the trousers from J Crew a few weeks ago, but then when in the National portrait Gallery last week I noticed that black watch trews and navy jumpers are the staff uniform in most galleries here, phew!

L'age moyen said...

That coat is fantastic! I love tartan, plaid - whatever it's called. I have a serious weakness for classic kilts and have a few classic plaid pleated skirts (like kilts but not wraps) and adore them. I have to be careful I don't end up looking a little dated.