Saturday, May 4, 2013

Goddess Dressing

When I moved to the States in 1990, Mr. C (who was then just Mr.) told me about the J Crew catalogue, which was a hit with his New York-y set on the east coast. I remember being quite underwhelmed by the presentation of the catalogue, which didn't feature photos of models in clothing, just rather uninspired pictures of individual garments.

Nevertheless, I bought three items: a flax linen pencil skirt (with a curious elastic waist?  Hello 1990.); a matching tailored blazer; and a flax linen goddess dress--an almost-floor length sleeveless wrap dress with a deep V and looong ties that could wrap forever for a Greek goddess effect.

I wore the dress a couple of times and then tucked it away for, oh 21 years.

This morning I was rummaging around in my closet and found it (along with the dress I wore on my first date with Mr.[not-yet-C]) and felt it might be perfect for this humid day.  So goddess dress it is. And very sparkly flat sandals.  And hair up. Am focusing on floating too (I know not how a goddess goes.).

Other favourite goddess dresses are anything from the early collections of Romeo Gigli, whose clothes are featured throughout this post.


materfamilias said...

Can almost picture you in this dress -- your eyes much like the sun! ;-)
Yes, I spotted your Shakespeare, snuck neatly in there , , , have a lovely Goddess day!

Miss Cavendish said...

I paraphrased him a bit, but I hope he wouldn't mind . . .

Sue said...

Goodness,I'd almost forgotten about Romeo Gigli.I got married in one of his dresses in 1988.I love that you kept the Goddess dress for so long...Xsue