Monday, February 24, 2014

An "ELLE" of a Look: Tevas Redux?

Have you seen the new summer sandal?  It riffs on Tevas, the go-to for hikers that isn't particularly known for its pleasing lines.

When I was climbing through Che's caves in Cuba one summer with 10 other professors, mining helmet on head, I may have distinguished myself by not wearing appropriate footgear, so unappealing to me are they.

But still.

The spread in the recent T magazine featuring these new sandals both repelled me and reminded me of the summer of 1986, when I was living in Montreal, just barely in my twenties. I'd bought an almost-ankle-grazing gray sweatshirt skirt from Daniel Hechter, which I paired with what I considered my Montreal miracle: a tee emblazoned with ELLE, my favourite magazine, from the ELLE boutique on chic Crescent St.

From T Magazine, 2014

These were the days of Rachel Williams, Yasmin LeBon, and Elle McPherson on and in ELLE, and the magazine had a French cool factor that's been lost in the ensuing years. But in 1986, ELLE was it.

To ground the look, I followed my eye and bought what the Montreal denizens wore: a vaguely Japanese thick-strapped slingback on a wedge.  And topped it off with a messy topknot.  I felt I'd arrived.

Also in Montreal that summer I purchased a ridiculous jumpsuit from an eclectic boutique selling clothing from Paris. It reminded me of a Stephen Sprouse design with its bold graffiti and it was a perfect piece to wear around Montreal, where people had a joyful approach to dressing (nothing was too colourful or too eccentric!).

This ad from Celine brought me right back to rue Crescent, circa 1986: 

Celine 2014; compare/contrast with jumpsuit sketch above

Is it, plus the upgraded "Teva," the New Look?

Or even my new look?  Can't get a foothold.


LPC said...

I'd say the 70s are having a moment. However, what the shoe designers are doing with "flatforms" does kind of go on beyond.

LPC said...

Add I identify the 70s because the 80s were a blur of corporate dress and mothering for me:).

materfamilias said...

So is there a chance of my Yak-traks morphing into a Fashion iteration? Seems as likely as Tevas, although I have no quibble with claiming my Birks as ever so stylish. . .
The 70s are having a moment? It's been a rather continuous one, depending where one looks, no? btw, I loved those late-80s, into-the-90s long knit skirts, and Daniel Hechter, the king of the sweatshirt. . . .which, of course, are also having yet another "moment."
Intrigued by the ref to the Cuban caves. . .

LPC said...

The 70s reference seems particularly strong to me now, with bootcut jeans showing back up, and the patterns. I could be wrong. I certainly seem to be having a moment where I'm thinking at crosspurposes to a lot of the blogosphere;).

Miss Cavendish said...

If we're thinking about 70s references, I immediately go to Famolare shoes, which I knew well from my 1970's-era Seventeen magazines. Well, Famolares and my 1990's-era night splint worn to stretch my high arch muscles. Do you remember Joe Famolare and his wavy-sole shoes?