Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Raeburn Remix: Spotting Barbour at Liberty

It's about 1:13 on a Saturday, and I want to go for a run, having taken the luxury (nay, the need) of sleeping in till 10. But the weather is humid, and I dislike the feel of running through the soupy atmosphere, sweat blinding my eyesight.

I'm such a summer lass, when summer is by the sea. (I am not currently by the sea.) Plus, there are only so many summer dresses one can wear to work before they begin to wilt.  I'm ready to shed these drooping flowers and sport some crisp fabrics to match the orchard apples I bought at Farmers' Market this morning.

What would I wear, had I my drothers this morning?  I know that one item is this Barbour jacket, which I'm calling a Raeburn Remix.  It's a collaboration between Christopher Raeburn (I always think of [the end of] McEwan's Atonement when I see his clothes) and Barbour, natch, and I spotted it at Liberty.

Well, who could help spotting it, because just look at those gorgeously subtle dots! 

If fall ever arrives, perhaps these might be some dots I could connect with.

Or maybe I'll get all DIY and paint my own dots on my very own J Crew Field Jacket, aka Barbour for professors.

As long as it doesn't become a DIWhyyyyy?!?!?!?!?


materfamilias said...

Good to see you're back at full slayer power! (Did you very watch Buffy, enough to know of her love for the puns?)
I've been wondering lately why I don't yet have a Barbour, especially living in a climate so similar to the one they were designed for . L l

Miss Cavendish said...

No--I never caught even a second of Buffy, though I know that show was beloved and smart. What was I doing--watching 90210?

materfamilias said...

Ha! 90210 had its charms as well, though I can't say smart writing were among them. I had teens at the time, so at least I have an excuse (even sunk into Melrose Place occasionally, the spinoff).