Saturday, March 11, 2017

Swim Coach; or Sharks on a Sweater

OK; just one shark on a sweater, but still.

In its continued whimsical creature theme (remember the T-Rex on men's wallets this winter?), Coach has knit a T-Rex into a pistachio sweater (Rexy) and a Great White (Sharky) into a Bright Red cashmere.

It does, of course, reference JAWS, but this shark's toothy vibe seems cartoony rather than menacing.

In fact, you could say it's a watered-down version of Christopher Kane's trailblazing open maws from 2009--both his gorilla ready to wear:

and his Topshop crocodile collection:

Selena Gomez has tipped off her fans to a photo of her in Sharky. Here we focus on her mouth and teeth, not his.

Sharks aren't new to fashion, certainly. Here's Jerry Hall riding the waves on one back in the 1970s:

My feeling is: No matter how edgy Coach tries to make this sartorial shark (and it's trying really hard in the styling below), Sharky's more suited to the goldfish bowl than the deep blue sea.

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