Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day

It was a snow day today--three children home from school, and two professors home too.

The girls played for hours in the snow, loving the swirling drifts that engulfed our van in the driveway (the van that hasn't been shoveled out yet).

The boy marched around the house in his baby UGGs, stopping every so often to build a teetering castle out of blocks, then smashing it with his Pooh Bear.

I busied myself with some of my favorite fabric blogs--anna maria horner, heather bailey, amy butler--and dreamed up some new designs. This photo was taken the day before the big storm, hence the bits of grass peeking out from behind the fence. The bag on the left is my Anne of Green Gables bag, using imported fabric from Japan. I love this fabric because I'm from Prince Edward Island, home of Anne, for one, and two, because it has a heavier weight than regular cotton.

The middle bag is one of my "bibelot bags," useful for storing socks or other small collectibles. And the paisley bag is sized for a grown-up (see the longer straps?), embellished with ribbon from the talented Laura. All bags are lined with a contrasting fabric.

Some Spring-y bags on such a winter's day.

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Esther said...

Very cute bags :)

Have fond memories of a visit to PE Island on a trip to Canada for my brother's wedding some years ago. Olivia must have watched the set of videos dozens of times!!

Best wishes