Friday, March 23, 2007

Tiny Cakes

Inspired by Bella Dia's sumptous new spring pincushions, I decided to try my hand at a couple last night. Et voila! Two tiny felted cakes. The little pink cake is about 1.5 inches by 1 inch and the larger purple cake is 2.5 inches by 2.5. Were I to make some more (and I think I shall), I'd add flowers to the side of the large cake. You can also see my miss cavendish label peeking out from the folds.

I found these cakes surprisingly easy to make--they just take sharp embroidery scissors, colored floss, wool felt, some lentils for stuffing, and your imagination. The purple cake shows french knots at the center of flat flowers; the pink cake has gathered flowers with both french knots and a mini rosebud center made of rolled felt. If I can dream up different kinds of flowers, I'll be sure to plant them in future cakes. So what's for dessert?


Quinn Cummings said...

And, as to the question you left on my blog, I believe Peet's actually predates Starbucks, and was orginally based in SF (Starbucks was Seattle). Peet's has just made the franchising leap after Starbucks, the Caffeine Machine.

Paul Pincus said...

These are incredible!

pve design said...

a little late, but i adore these and my birthday is coming up soon. love to order one!
visit me and tell me if they are indeed for sale?

pve design said...

want them both,
let me eat cake.