Thursday, April 1, 2010

OK, But Are Their Gardens Gray?

Although the New York Times posted this story on April 1, it is a serious piece of writing.

I quite like gray hair on young people (though not on 13-year-olds) if they have a very strong aesthetic and if the gray is smooth.

One of my favorite gray--or platinum--models is Jeny Howorth, who was a fixture in ELLE during the 1980s.

She is best known for her super-short crop, which predates Ms Deyne's by a couple of decades.

Here she is, snapped by Arthur Elgort, in 1985:

Yes, I ran out and bought Elgort's Models Manual the day it arrived in my bookstore.  Love his work.  Et vous?


Belle de Ville said...

I too love gray hair on younger women, or even a long streak of gray in long dark hair. I would willingly go gray but my basic mousey brown which is just starting to go gray is just not attractive...I stick with coloring my hair.

WendyB said...

Elgort signed my copy of the book! I wandered into a bookstore and saw him sitting at a book signing table with no one around. I had just gotten my hair done and was feeling all model-y myself :-)

Dash said...

I must have been hiding under a stone, as I have never heard of Arthur Elgort, before now, not one to miss out, I have quickly googled him, and yes, his work is stunning, so thank you for bringing him to my attention.

I think grey hair can look amazing on the right person, but I have made a pact with myself to dye my hair pink when I am in my dotage, like Zandra Rhodes. I want to play the eccentric English lady, with the pink hair, to the hilt.

Angie Muresan said...

I adore the idea of gorgeous grey hair, although I will remain a brunette for as long as I can.

La Belette Rouge said...

As I am 100% white under my red hair, I have been colouring since I was 15. I wish I had the colouring to let my colour go. I think it takes a special younger woman to carry off grey without it aging her. I am not that special woman.
p.s. Your blog inspired a big change in me. Come to my blog and see. Thanks for the inspiration.

stacy said...

I was in LOVE with Jeny Howorth (in a very hetero way) in the 80's... I wanted to be her. That Elgort photo is amazing... it has a very Claire McCardell feel.

s. said...

Christy Turlington: is there any creature more exquisite? Girl must have sold her soul to el Diablo, Dorian-style, because she still looks like she did on that cover.