Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mounties Meet the Flag? An Exercise in "Canadian Style"

If it takes me more than 5 minutes to draw a picture for the What I Wore Today Flickr group, then I know I'm trying too hard.

So please rest assured that this quick sketch is exactly that--and I'm posting it here because I cannot log in to Flickr (why oh why?).

It's a peek at what I wore in a recent fashion show to celebrate international culture.  Witty works better than pretty for me, when I'm prowling the catwalk with my young students, so I put together this "classic Canadian" look:

white wool beret from Parkhurst (with tiny Canadian flag pin for accent);

crimson 1960s long jacket from London Fog (an eBay purchase), made of heavy twill.  I like the round buckle and forgot to draw the flap patch pockets in my buckle-y enthusiasm.

J Crew Minnie black pants;

J Crew black riding boots.

I was going for a Mountie/flag hybrid, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving, Canadian peeps!


materfamilias said...

Oh, to be able to sketch something so clever in less than five minutes! V. cute interpretation of Cdn. style, something we had a surfeit of here in Vanc'r last January, but whose elements have all kinds of potential for a clean, contemporary look, as you show.
If you're doing the turkey thing this weekend, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. In fact, Happy Thanksgiving even if you're not!

WendyB said...

What a cute sketch!

Make Do Style said...

A great look and fab sketch xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Come home to Canada; too many of our best people are in the US!