Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sprousing Up

(Yes: I am back again early, but I will sneak away again.)

When I lived in Montreal, in the mid 1980s, Stephen Sprouse was the rage.  I remember loving his graffiti-print clothes and was utterly thrilled when I found a jumpsuit that riffed on the above color and print.

The jumpsuit was made in Paris and was on deep sale, probably because it was challenging to wear.  Maybe Montrealers didn't want to have letters all over their clothing; maybe that language law business was an influence; who knows?

In any case, it definitely had more letters on it than does this vintage Sprouse swimsuit, above.

The jumpsuit, my jumpsuit, had a halter top with a modest circular neckline that buttoned in back.  It had a definite waist, no belt, and the trouser portion was slightly cropped, with a gently flared hem. 

Just looking at this tiny swimsuit makes me happy, though its letters form a very short story indeed.  An endnote, perhaps?

A Stephen Sprouse sketch.  And maybe a novel.


K.Line said...

Love that caption!

La Belette Rouge said...

I did one semester at FIDM( MANY years ago and I quickly learned that fashion isn't my field). When I was there I did a fashion tour to NYC and two of the designers we got to meet were Sprouse and Betsy Johnson. It was thrilling. As a person who loves writing and words I have always been attracted to Sprouse's text textiles. He is certaiinly a novel designer( pun intended).

WendyB said...

I loooooove Sprouse.

enc said...

What a brave choice you made, miss cav. That j-suit sounds really perfect. I love the idea of the letters being so prevalent as to almost disappear into patternness.

(I don't think that "patternness" is a real word.)

Barbara said...

And that was before texting.
Great style.