Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fairy Flats: Desiring Vera Wang

It is no secret to me that Vera Wang shoes do not look pretty in photos but are utterly desirable in person.

Saturday I saw two pairs that I adored--two fanciful pairs of ballet flats, all kid-glove leather and wrapped satin and jeweled and fairy-footed.

But as gossamer wings are not my usual accessory, said fairy slippers will remain in my imaginative realm. I didn't even try them on.

But I also didn't try them on because I wanted to cultivate my fantasy that Vera Wang flats are the most ethereally perfect shoes possible.  For my fear is that in reality they have a very narrow cut.

Chastizing lesson: Remember these "perfect" ballerinas from last summer? 

I could not wear them once because they were too narrow when the gauzy haze of summer-vacation happiness cleared.  I actually returned then, in "perfect," completely unworn condition, last week.

But how I loved them when "I did not have them"--that wonderful state of yearning long before the disillusioned state of "I do not have them because I cannot wear them."

So with the Vera Wang fairy flats, I am reminding myself to nurture the desire, because sometimes desiring is much, much more satisfying than having.

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Art Style said...

Was just desiring this evening, imagining that through a few clicks I could have all Santa forgot. Then I panned through my closet, and thoughts turned to all that had been desire, yet are now - sigh - just attire. Oh heavens, desire is *so* much better.

Tomorrow, I will shop.