Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spring Bags 2011: This Time It's Pursonal

Perhaps it's the mountains of snow in my back yard, perhaps the shorter days, but I felt a welcome breath of spring waft through the house when I opened February's Bazaar (with the original, subscriber cover, thank you; no Kate Hudson redux here).

It's a rare bag (I never say "purse") that will set my pulse racing, but I felt myself drawn to the terrific use of colorblocking for Spring 2011. 

I like these bold chunks of color so much better than, say, Louis Vuitton's other forays into color via the monogram bags.

(Eeek!  Hide this one, please! It is an impursonator!)

But will these cheerful bags be easy to find come spring, when I want to take them on a test carry?

I guess I'll have to be pursistent.


WendyB said...

I'm drawn to bright accessories these days.

Elizabeth said...

I pursed my lips when I saw these bags; I really can't get a handle on whether or not I could carry a clutch or not.


I love the colors, too, Miss Cavendish. You have great taste.

materfamilias said...

such a purse-picacious post on spring bags!

Belle de Ville said...

I'm glad to see the smaller scale in handbags. I'm tired of carrying huge bags that end up so heavy that I could use them for weight training.

taa said...

Fantastic bags