Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gentlemen Collars: Detachable Chic

At boarding school I wore a collared white shirt and tie every single day, except on Saturdays. Perhaps that's why I have avoided collared shirts for a couple of decades.

I'm wearing collars again, but I flatten and spread them when I wear them on a shirt.

However, I'm feeling the pull of collars with crewneck sweaters, a look that's both governness chic and crisply current (see shoe designer Tabitha Simmons, right).

The trick is, I think, to wear a crewneck with a bold or somewhat askew design on it (see Simmons again).

For instance, two collars I really like are this grey sequined one, by Karl Lagerfeld for Net-a Porter:

and this hammered-brass collar choker by the very talented Young Frankk on Etsy*:

I'd wear them with, say, this heart crewneck by J Crew:

and in another colourway:

or, for spring, this commes des garcons collaboration with J Crew:

I prefer a crewneck, because I think that part of the collars' buttoned-up charm lies in their prim placement--no skin, please (sorry Net-a-Porter stylists, below):

But a simple black crewneck is always right, too, especially when Louis Vuitton pairs it with a blood-red sequined skirt:

*Young Frankk was first brought to my attention by the lovely gemmifer.


Jennifer said...

Gosh and golly-gee, Miss Cavendish... you've got me blushing! The Karl collar is quite lovely, but I still love Young Frankk's the most. I do agree with you that these collars work best with a high neckline; that collar-and-leather-jacket combo just doesn't do it for me.
(Thanks for the mention xoxo)

Elizabeth said...

Agreed that that kind of collar is suited to crew-neck styles in general. I think it's distracting on a V-neck.

I hope you get that hammered one, it's going to be great.