Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best in Shoe

This year at the Westnminster Kennel Club Show 2012,

six new breeds were entered in the competition,

including the Norwegian Lundehund

and the Cesky Terrier. 

Dolce and Gabbana is following in those footsteps (paw-steps?) as it has entered a new type of shoe in the informal-yet-hotly contested design competition to make the most memorable spring/summer footwear.

Combining heritage scarf prints, a platform wedge heel, a certain astronaut-boot sensibility, and a scarf wrap-and-knot, this unusual piece of footwear might be best known as a scarfoe (pronounced scarfoo).

But if I really want to think of the connection between shoes and the Westminster Show (as I have been known to do), this year I will simply reflect on darling Malachy, with those soulful eyes that charmed me, as well as the judge, Cindy Vogels, to win Best in Show. 

I might not wear the scarfoes, but make me a pair of Malachy-inspired fuzzy slippers, and they're on!


Elizabeth said...

Sweet—the dogs AND the shoes.

Anonymous said...

Love your style and humor.
How about an essay question:
Scarfoes or fuzzy slippers -- compare and contrast


WendyB said...

Malachy is adorable! Peke power!