Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sidling up to Bottega Veneta's Dress

If any Gentle Readers live in a college town, or near a high school, or have teenage sons, then you are probably familiar with the emergence of a particular t-shirt style, come spring.

The t-shirt of which I speak is cut down each side, with fabric joined only at the hem and shoulder. It reveals a good deal of flesh in profile, while the front gives the illusion of being fully covered.

I find this style to be particularly unflattering, and am treasuring the years until my six-year-old son discovers it.

Although the side-cut t-shirt seems to have originated with boys, it is becoming more popular with girls, who wear a jogging top underneath.  That doesn't make it any more attractive.

So when I cast a sidelong glance at an ad for Bottega Veneta, one of my very favourite dressmakers, and saw that it featured a side-cut bodice, I could not but sigh.  Although this side-cut is decidedly uptown, instead of for the sports field, or--eek!--the classroom, I think that it cheapens the line of an otherwise lovely garment.

Here's hoping that the dress comes with a little envelope of matching silk thread, so that its owner can place a few important stitches along the side seams.

I'm feeling a little beside myself.


WendyB said...

I find the perfect amount of side exposure to be sexy but most peeps do it wrong!

K.Line said...

I know what you mean. Unless your Lauren Hutton, it's probably best not to do the billowy open-shirt side-boob :-)