Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Turkey Dressing

Although it's not the season to do so, I've been contemplating turkeys. 

First the New Yorker's March style issue printed this image of a Prada dress, from Fall-Winter 2007-2008.

Then the New York Times spotlighted an extraordinary collaboration between photographer Robin Schwartz and her daughter Amelia.  Schwartz photographs the preternaturally calm Amelia "among the animals," and the results are as enchanted as as forest in Peau d'Ane (and infinitely kinder too).

Here is Amelia "wearing" a turkey:

Finally, I was reminded of 1984, and my second year of university.  I'd been reading a good bit of Vogue then, and remember seeing in its pages an ad for the revamped Vanity Fair, under the guidance of Tina Brown.  The cover of that November issue featured Brooke Shields, also "wearing" a live turkey headdress:

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