Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Ears

These floral ears are just right for a Latesummer Night's pondering.

When I had a boy bulldog, I named him after a character from A Midsummer Night's Dream--the one with the ears.

During university summers, I would wait tables at the Confederation Centre's restaurant.  There was a section that was apart from the other tables.  The restaurant called it the Extension, but we smarty pants university students all hung up on Camus called it the Existension.

Natalia looks like she might be ready to bring some menus to the Existension.


WendyB said...


Anonymous said...

I have always been drawn to hare's ears and the like, I would actually like a pair of these for wearing around the house - please tell me those are your own long unfurled ears in your avatar.

Miss Cavendish said...

Ahh, neither the hare's ears nor the hair in my avatar physically belong to me. But they're mine in spirit!