Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Ruff Spell (Ruffian Toile)

It's a bit of  a rough spell when you go back to school before your children do.  I return tomorrow; my three are able to hang out at home till Tuesday. 

I have a gazillion things to do today in preparation for my class, but also want to make sure that my three are gainfully occupied--practicing instruments, completing homework, playing in the snow, letting their minds wander to where their fancy takes them.

My own mind has been wandering over to the Ruffian toile collection, which features images from Brooklyn's Williamsburg. 

There are gorgeous clothes, more suited for spring than this weather, but still--

And there are square silk scarves, in blue, pink, and yellow. Details from the toile below; colors seem to appear considerably deeper than they are in photos:

Every time we go to New York, we say we'll make it over the bridge, but the farthest we've got is Orchard Street (with the bridge clearly in sight/walking distance).  (Mr. C of course has been to Brooklyn; he studied at Pratt in his [relative] youth.) I'm pretty sure that I'm the hesitant one; I'd prefer someone who knows the area well to guide me rather than explore on my own.

If any gentle readers live in/near/have been to Williamsburg, please tell me why I should go and what I should see/eat/do there.  I'll be back in the summer! 

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Tricia said...

Adored the Ruffian Toile collection! Williamsburg is worth a visit for the boutique shopping and hipster viewing. While there, I'd also recommend a walk to Franklin Street in Greenpoint along the waterfront, also home to good boutiques and restaurants/coffee shops.