Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rockstud Love

My daughter and I went to see the 1D-3D documentary last night, but no--my header's not referring to Harry, even with all his Mick Jaggerish charm and pointy-toe boots.

It's the Valentino Rockstud that I know has already made the rounds, and is available in far too many models to be special, but special indeed is the version on the right.

I've seen the shoe alone in many a photo, as well as on a model, always with the straps perfectly positioned and straight.  It's this image that speaks to me, with the slightly slouchy strap on the left-to-us shoe.  My preferred beauty always involves a bit of "off"--messy hair with a tidy dress; rumpled jeans with smooth hair--something has to have a thrown-together quality to save a look from being an outfit.

And these shoes, with their publicity machine and their pedigree, could be too too except for their vulnerable slouch, which humanizes and tips them over into the "desirable" category. (And, oh, how that "desirable" category maddens me, as it's difficult to think of anything else except how to make them mine. But as I've learned, often "yearning" is more desirable than "having.")

Think I'll try them on the next time I'm near the shoe shop--if the strap is in proper parallel form, I'll be able to walk away, but if it slouches, well . . . what about that 1D-3D movie? The lads were charming, n'est pas?


LPC said...

I ordered a pair of the all nude and tried them on. Had Significant Husband liked them I'd have worn them to my wedding. They aren't taking over the world for no reason:).

GSL said...

Yes, these are so "of the moment" but I always find myself looking up to see if it's being worn with matchy guard dog collar. I'd put these in the high risk/reward category.