Friday, October 4, 2013

Momo Wang, "Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity" and Miss C in Selvedge

Yesterday I picked up the September issue of Selvedge (it takes a good while to cross the pond and assume residency in my bookstore's magazine racks).

In this issue I have two stories--the cover story on Momo Wang, who graduated from St. Martins and makes wonderfully creative "upcycled" fashion and a review essay of the "Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity" exhibit, which I saw in Chicago.

I was delighted to see on Selvedge's Facebook page that Momo Wang stopped by their shop earlier this week.  Here's Selvedge's snapshot of the designer holding a copy of the magazine with her look on the front.

It was a real pleasure to learn about Momo Wang's vision and to see images of her imaginative, lovingly handcrafted clothes.

Below: a peek at the layout and gorgeous photography:

And the review essay:

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materfamilias said...

I'll watch for this one -- the cover photo is stunning, such gorgeous colour! And not having managed to see that exhibition, I'd love to at least read a review . . .