Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Eye Travels with Betty and Karlie

Tonight I watched the documentary The Eye has to Travel, which is about Diana Vreeland's career. 

In it, we were shown photographs of a young Betty Bacall, newly discovered by Vreeland.  I thought how much Betty resembled a model of the moment--Karlie Kloss.

A quick internet search showed me that Dior did as well, back in 2010 when Karlie became Betty for a series of ads.  The eye travels, indeed.


GSL said...

A now deceased man I used to look after loved to tell the story of how as a young busboy, along with his brother was summoned out of the Pump Room kitchen (a legendary Chicago haunt) back in the late 30s and directed to take note of a teenage model in from New York who was about to become a movie star. She went by the name Betty Perske then but we now remember her as Lauren Bacall.

Mrs Burton said...

Miss Cavendish! Its so good to see you back - I thought we had lost you forever. A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours, and best wishes for 2014, and thank you for your lovely, concise and thoughtful blog. Its such a pleasure in a sea of drivel.


Miss Cavendish said...

GSL, I have been to the Pump Room, but in Bath, home to many a Jane Austen heroine. Is the Chicago establishment still running?

Thank you, Mrs. Burton; my fall was particularly busy but I hope, with a slightly leaner spring, to blog more consistently. Best wishes to you and yours too!

GSL said...

Miss C,
I recently saw a splendid stage adaptation of Northanger Abbey which did have scenes set in Bath. Yes Chicago's Pump Room has reopened and I need to stop in and see what they've done.

Miss Cavendish said...

Ahh, I love to teach Northanger in my Gothic literature class!