Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Because Paul Harnden Shoemakers

One of my favourite destinations in Soho is IF, which sells European and Asian designs.  I'd always gravitated toward Ivan Grundahl's clothes, but today someone else stole my stylist's/stylish heart.

The English company Paul Harnden Shoemakers makes shoes, obviously (or not necessarily, really), but it also makes beautiful scarves and coats.*  The scarves I saw at IF both incorporated vintage illustrations.  Above is my photo of an oblong scarf, and you can see the same print on a man's shirt, below:

Harnden also showed a bone-colored scarf with navy illustrations of individuals from a children's book, with each page number intact. And he makes a scarf which reminds me of my R. L. Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses (which I still have) and its beautifully faded illustrations, with colors like someone hand-tinted a photograph.

This coat, which research shows me is available in LA at Decades, reminds of me a Vivienne Westwood. 

But better because discovered.  (Read this article from The Atlantic on the "new" use of "because"):


Because The Atlantic.

Not into this new use of "because"? Ahh, well.  No Harn-den.

*Actually it would be quite brilliant for Paul Harnden Shoemakers not to make shoes, though the gentleman does make some beautifully shabby ones, perfect for dancing across rooftops or to wear while sweeping the hearth.


K.Line said...

That scarf is seriously one of a kind.

materfamilias said...

Oh! No! That may be you, jumping the shark, no Harn-den. But I love it, just a pun too far, perhaps. As for Because as preposition, I would like it if I didn't know that within a year it will be used with no differentiation, no consciousness that it is not, indeed, a preposition, no idea, really, of what a preposition might be. I read the Atlantic article a few weeks ago, thought it clever and spot on. And I might just have shuddered, just a little . . .
Swooning, btw, or drooling, or both at once, at that scarf, that print, mmmmmm.... Happy New Year!

Miss Cavendish said...

Ha ha; I assure gentle readers: my inner Fonzie is on terra firma.