Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pom-Pom Power

When I was little I desperately wanted a poodle because I LOVED the idea of pom-poms. Little did I know that a pom-pom-ed poodle would require meticulous grooming that was beyond my 10-year-old self. In fact, the only enduring pom-pom was the one in his name.

Over the last couple of seasons pom-poms have been appearing in miniature on scarves, shorts, bags, dresses, etc. I still like the dramatic touch of an oversized, often spare pom, though, as on these garments:

Diane von Furstenberg hat, to the right, circa 2009:

Universal Utility by Carin Mansfield, below:

Eugenia Kim baseball cap with pom, below:

And my childhood inspiration:

My own goldendoodle wears a more wild and woolly Scottish sheep coiffure:


But his "mother" *could* feel a bit like a poodle in these pom-pom-ed sneakers by Steve Madden:

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