Monday, January 2, 2017

Rose Bowl Monday, Gibson Girl Hair, and Anne Shirley's Puff Sleeves

Because we were traveling on New Year's Day, we thought we'd missed the Rose Parade, but, courtesy of the "never on Sunday" exception, I enjoyed it this morning, while dismantling my Christmas, well, mantle display of hand-carved Santas. A local artisan carves a different one each year and I love to put them out for the holidays.

And, in an appropriate coincidence for Rose Bowl Monday, I embellished my fireplace with a garland of white paper roses (it's either that or hand-made Liberty bunting [by me], which was up all fall).

I also added my Christmas gift from Mr. C, which is this antique oil miniature of a Gibson Girl.

I actually wore a version of this hair a year ago, while performing in Mary Poppins. This photo is just before "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," and my poufs have flattened a bit. But not my Puff Sleeves, which any PEIslander knows are essential.

The hair plus the outrageous puffs remind me of the Anne of Green Gables video, when Anne is reciting "The Highwayman."

And it also reminds me of the AGG musical, for which I worked front-of-house one summer on PEI. There's a memorable moment after Anne accidentally dyes her hair green, cuts it off, and conceals the cut under a large hair band. Anne is terribly self-conscious and concerned about what people will say, but when her bosom friend Diana sees her, she squeals "Anne . . . your HAIR! You've PUT IT UP!!!!" And all is right in the world.

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