Thursday, May 26, 2011

Go Figure

It has been raining cats and dogs since Monday.

If it would only rain figureheads I would be content.

Here is a glorious figurehead from the Seamen's Church in New York. Called "mystery maiden," it is from the nineteenth century and was up for auction at Bonhams on May 25.  (In case you're interested, it sold for $30,500.  No, I didn't buy it!)

Figureheads, from the illustrated ones in Miss Rumphius, through the unusual Stephanie Seymour "trophy wife" piece, to vintage carvings from actual ships, may just be my favourite form of art.

So I guess it is reigning figureheads around here.


materfamilias said...

Your puns are always so literate, so clever -- can you believe I saw "reign" misspelled as "rein" in a newspaper a few weeks ago, in the context of the royal wedding? Are there NO editors?
The other one whose cause seems already lost is the distinction between "palette," "palate," and "pallet." Must admit I'm throwing that out in the faint hope that someday you'll post a play with those three. . . You know you could, you know you want to . . .

LPC said...

Bwahahaha. My father has one in his house. She's glorious. So sorry the Titanic had to taint the reference for future generations.

Miss Cavendish said...

Mater--I confess: I always have to think twice as I spell palette. My puns are never planned; they just appear midpost without warning, so we'll see whether that happens with the triple P.

LPC--Is your father's figurehead from the east or the west coast? And agreed on the Titanic reference.

Jennifer said...

'Miss Rumphius' is one of my most favorite books! Barbara Cooney is an incredible illustrator and writer.

K.Line said...

At this point, it needs to start raining money :-)

Anonymous said...

Go figure. I guess it's just a figure of speech.
Is there a figurehead-proof umbrella?
Have a good weekend.