Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pink Poufection

Since Kurt Andersen has inadvertently revealed his list of  "words we don't say" from when he was editor at New York Magazine, I feel it's it's time to announce that one of my favourite words is "pouf."  (However, I may be terribly tired of it by the end of this post, so be prepared for a backtrack.)

I was very happy when Christian Lacroix showed his poufy dresses collection,

with these poufy bougainvillea-coloured decorations (above).  Indeed, I daresay that I particularly like poufs in pink.

In addition to wearing a pouf, I would like to sit upon one.

Here is a pink-and-white pouf,

and a deeper pink pouf, both from Morocco:

Here is a pink pouf in context:

Pink also lends itself nicely to tufted couches,

and to pink tufted chairs:

and sometimes, if we are very lucky, pink tufts can be edible:

So who likes a pouf?  Youf?


coffeeaddict said...

Yay for poufs!

Toby Wollin said...

Come to think of it, if I were to wear a poufy dress, I'd damn well make SURE it was pink. Somehow, the idea of a green poufy dress or midnight blue poufy dress doesn't make sense at all. And of course, I'd need the shoes with the bows at the ankles too.