Sunday, May 8, 2011

Have Bag, Will Travel

This summer I am spending a week at a different university, where I may or may not run into James Franco, and I would like to outfit myself with a smart travel bag.

I want something that engages with textiles in an attractive way and avoids any Boy Scout associations.  Ideally, the bag would not scream any particular designer label, but would be beautifully, intriguingly, under the mainstream radar.

Here are some bags I've been looking at, through my virtual vitrine:

The top bag is by Margo Selby, one of my favourite British textile designers.  I have one of her scarves, in a textured bubble print, in shades of verdigris, aubergine, and blue, and adore it. 

The next two are by the British designer Susannah Hunter.  In the interest of full disclosure, I bought one of her handbags several years ago and returned it because I did not like the interior (loose crushed velvet, if I remember) for a handbag.  (I like a more structured interior.)  But for a travel bag, let crushed velvet interiors rule!

Finally, here's a bag by Mulholland Brothers in "cayenne."  I like the peppery color because it's not "pretty," but oddly appealing.  It's not trying to be Hermes "orange," and it has ruggedly feminine flavour.  Dare I say that this cayenne is "hot"?  (No; I would never utter [or write] such a Bruno Tonioli-inspired phrase.)

Do gentle readers have any travel bag recommendations?


coffeeaddict said...

Hum, I'm more of a Samsonite person. And I have this tick about matching luggage. Since my partner and I both use the luggage it has to be gender neutral because frankly we don't have the storagge capacity for a double luggage set.
The Margo Selby bag is my favourite of the bags posted.

Miss Cavendish said...

I understand the gender-neutral idea; my husband and I used a navy nylon Kate Spade diaper bag for our children partly for that reason and partly because I just preferred its minimalist design to the frou frou baby gear that was out there.

LPC said...

New York City baby! I am also kind of sniffing at Samsonite. Although a Bottega Veneta trunk would be nice if I ever have that private plane.

WendyB said...

I love the first one.

My only advice is to go for lightweight material!

preppy debutante said...

i prefer the FLOTO bag when i travel- especially my bright orange for spring. i use a beautiful brown for fall travel.

Anonymous said...

For lightweight in these days when every kg of hand luggage counts, hard to beat Baggalini - perhaps not the most elegant look but very practical.