Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Of Sebastian Flyte and the Duke of Windsor

Sure, it's Rex Mottram, the cadish Canadian in Brideshead Revisited who's labeled chic, being pals with the Duke and all, but I'll take the ex-Pat position and venture that the sometimes Oxfordian Sebastian Flyte would look better in the Duke's tartan "lounge suit."

I think it would be fantastic if tartan suits and trousers for men had a resurgence.

Not like these:

Rag and Bone has given it a go:

For a more feminine version, here's Linda in her tartans:

And Mrs. Simpson, though not known for tartans, exactly, does decorate with a mean pug pillow, particularly formidable in packs:

A pug bowl would also be very nice with a side of tartan:

Pug images from here; tartan trousers from here.


Susan Tiner said...

Hi, I found you via WendyB.

The pug pillows cracked me up!

Yes, more tartans and brocade vests. Not just for men though.

Miss Cavendish said...

Thanks for visiting, Susan, I had bulldogs for a decade and can see making similar (though wider) pillows for that breed, too!

Jennifer said...

I do love a nice tartan. But what's with the bird in the bunny ears in the second photo?

Miss Cavendish said...

Ahh, yes, the bunny ears! At first I checked to see whether the vintage ad was from Playboy (seriously!) but then figured that they complement my avatar, and simply went with them . . . They do add an unexpected dimension to the photo!