Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pop Cats: Victoria Beckham's Dress

UPDATED below, with video

Last summer, on Nantucket, I really liked an animal-print dress at Erica Wilson's shop. 

It didn't have the expected stripes or spots, but was a tan silk jersey shirtdress from Italy with tiny purple bulldog silhouettes all over it.  This week I couldn't remember the designer, and when I called EW today, I was told that it's Herno.  But Herno shows up on the Web as an outerwear company and I know that I found the proper site last summer (but neglected to bookmark it, alas).

Anyway, if you're at EW on Nantucket, do take a peek; there are other animal-print patterns as well.

A more accessible animal-print dress hit the news the other day, when Victoria Beckham carried wee Harper in a dress with large housecats all over. 

In the spirit of Princess Diana's black sheep sweater, there's a stray cat or two in a different colour to break up the ivory images.

Beckham's print dress is too novel for me, but it does remind me of Andy Warhol's cat illustrations, and I'd like to think that his work inspired it. 

Here is a link to the WSJ's video report on animal prints--there's the high-heeled Marc Jacobs cat shoe, the Louboutin high heeled cat paw, the H&M antelope sweater, and more . . .  I may have to break out my vintage black sheep sweater after all!  Thanks, Belle de Ville, for the heads up regarding Sunday's WSJ story


Belle de Ville said...

Did you see this weekend's Wall Street Journal with all of the animal print clothing.
As usual, you are right on trend with posting about the cat dress.

Miss Cavendish said...

Belle, I should have grabbed the WSJ when I was out for brunch today--it was *right there*! I'll look for the feature online. Thanks for the heads up!

Susan Tiner said...

The cat dresses are great as are the Warhol illustrations.

I checked out the online WSJ video -- the cat paw shoes are really cool.