Friday, September 2, 2011

Saddlebag Chic

I saw a surprisingly chic, utilitarian bag the other day from a house that typically codes matronly, to my eye.

This fall Longchamp seems to be giving its nylon bags a bit of a rest by focusing on Balzane, its horsey new line.

Readers may remember that I've been looking for a suitable tote to lug my books around in.  This large, seemingly hold-all nubuck/smooth bag with saddle styling just might just be the pony express.

Neigh or yay?


déjà pseu said...

I'm really loving suede bags right now. While the design on this one doesn't scream out anything special to me, it does look like a stylish bag that's also functional, and not what everyone else is carrying.

materfamilias said...

I like this, although it looks as if it's heavy even without the books! Very handsome, though.

Katherine said...

Definitely yay!

K.Line said...

My daughter and I went for manicures on St. Laurent this weekend and that bag is the colour I've got painted on my nails right now!