Thursday, October 13, 2011

Royal Cushions at GOOP

Why do I like this photo that was featured in GOOP's "See" newsletter?

The Union Jack chair is a plus, but it's the two royal cushions that amused me. 

As I have an identical one of these in my living room, I almost feel as if my decorating choice has been "knighted," so to speak (with tongue firmly in cheek, by the way).   

Now to strive for a Vivienne Westwood Union Jack cushion: 

Or--sigh--a hauntingly romantic Westwood rug by The Rug Company:

That would amount to a knighthood PLUS a successful dragon-taming. 

Or at least fooling one a la my favourite children's book for adults, The Paper Bag Princess:

By the way, I was experimenting with a new Blogger layout, but when I tried to return to my original template, I could only access this one.  Sooo, a new look, by default?


Anonymous said...

For some reason, I can't stand Gwyneth; I don't consider her a good actor and I find GOOP pretentious.

I had to laugh though; I have that rug, chair and a British Union flag pillow (hopefully I will not sound too "Gwynnie" when I say that apparently the term Union Jack is used only when the flag is flown at sea).

Miss Cavendish said...

Thanks, Anon; I didn't know the proper flag terminology, though I see that UJ is used widely and obviously without research in the home decor/fashion world. An intervention is in order.

And may I ask, who makes that flag chair?

Belle de Ville said...

Seriously, did Gweneth pay a decorator to do that room?

Miss Cavendish said...

I don't know if she paid her, but Gwyneth did have her decorator friend/editor write about decor and post some images in this newsletter . . .

Susan Tiner said...

The blogger ABDPBT (All But Dissertation Pretzel Brain Twist) likes to make fun of GOOP. Here's an example:

I love the UJ pillow, it reminds me of the pillows on the chairs in Faux Fuchsia's garden.

Anonymous said...

I guess the term Union Jack is "common usage" so apparently it's ok to use it now...I'm a stickler for proper language use; a kind of dinosaur I am now.

The chair was a gift and the giftee (is that a word) has died. I haven't had any luck finding a name examining the chair. Hopefully I can find a receipt!