Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vakko Memories

The lovely WendyB's recent post on peplums reminded me of my first leather jacket, made by Vakko. 

It had a dropped waist with a peplum, an assymetrical hidden zip flap with a top snap, a stand-up collar, and outrageous shoulder pads.  It was made from a textured dark brown leather with a hint of gray that evoked both Mad Max and elephants.

I bought it when I was an undergraduate, after swooning over it in a boutique, shuddering over the price tag, and returning a month later to find it reduced by 75 percent. 

I wore it till I wore it out. Or as I said chez WendyB, till it ran out of pep.

Aside from the general wonderfulness of the jacket, there was a certain thrill in owning a Vakko piece in the mid 1980s.  Vogue regularly sold that company a double-page ad up front, and Vakko delivered, with images of Elle in a Safari leather jacket, Cindy Crawford in a blue suede dress:

and in this swing coat:

There's an image of Elle for Vakko far above, in a jacket that's much more "mall" than my post-apocalyptic pachyderm number, but you can see the fun that Vakko had with shoulders and a peplum.


WendyB said...

I was JUST admiring a vintage Vakko skirt online today....on eBay, I think! Thanks for sharing your pep less peplum story.

Dorky Medievalist said...

Vakko is the third runner-up in the World's Coolest Office: Stylin'. In more ways than one.

Susan Tiner said...

The last coat pictured is my idea of a luxurious coat. I want one.

It's too bad you don't still have your peplum coat to participate in WendyB's peplum post!