Saturday, October 29, 2011

White Shoes; Red Flags

What do Stella McCartney and Chanel Resort have in common?

They have both been conjuring a similar, curiously retro-ortho shoe shape.

When Nancy Shevell married Paul McCartney, Stella made her this pair of sandals to go with the dress:

I actually don't think that the sandals do go with the dress; whereas the dress evokes Wallis Simpson's vintage chic, the shoes evoke vintage dowdy.

This similar shape turned up as well at Chanel (but with a thong), far above, on Kristen McMenamy, and below:

To my mind, this shape reminds me of support socks and wavy Famolare soles:


What would I have shod Ms. Shevell in?  A closed-toe simple pump.  I feel a Stanley Kowalski-inspired guttural cry coming on: Stelllllaaaa!


coffeeaddict said...

Those are some dowdy shoes! And totally wrong for the dress. I imagine on the right figure they could look smashing with a pair of cigarette pants in caramel taffeta.

WendyB said...

I hated Nancy's shoes. Other than those, she looked divine.

LPC said...

Granny sandals were hot amongst hipsters this year...Saltwater Sandals:).

Miss Cavendish said...

Saltwater sandals I like! (My daughters had some.) I think that their lines are much more flattering than these considerably pricier examples . . .

Susan Tiner said...

I like coffeeaddict's restyling of the shoes.