Saturday, April 14, 2012

Isabel Marant's JackIT

In these days of multitasking, the portmanteau word has become desirable, if not essential. 

Sooo much effort is expended in saying something like "it jacket" that I've combined the two words in the header above.

Isabel Marant's jackIT is desirable too, if, I must admit, not entirely essential.  I first saw it in Vogue's Index, in this spread:

I loved its texture, its embellishment, its gently nipped-in shape. (And putting it next to an Alabama Chanin quilt wasn't unwise, either.)

Here it is on the runway, in casual Boho glory:

It's still nicely shaped, and well styled.  I wondered which hip person of note would be first photographed in it.

Brooklyn Decker was. And here I am a tad confused, because the gently shaped jackIT looks oddly boxy. 

And without the interplay among patterns, the jackIT looks like a mere jacket.


Mary W. said...

It actually looks kind of boxy in the runway photo to me. An interesting junxtaposition of colors and textures as styled for the runway and I personally wouldn't have the confidence to wear it like that, but I was surprised to see how wearing it with solids does make it look like a mere jacket.

L'age moyen said...

Excellent point. It needs the ethnic confidence of print mixing. When that's thrown in it's pretty marvelous.