Thursday, October 18, 2012

Office Decor: Paper Dolls

Part of the fun of having a new office is decorating it. 

This space of mine has books of course--four ceiling-to-floor stuffed cases, to be exact--but it is also characterized by textiles.  I have my Amish-via-New York quilt that I made (classic Amish diamond pattern using fabric I bought in the City); my William Morris-esque wallpapered pole, my Chanel-inspired paper flowers headpiece, Liberty fabric stretched over a good number of wooden embroidery hoops cascading down one wall, and now my Anna Sui paper dolls climbing the wall alongside my door. 

I'm teaching a fashion theory class this year and am delighted to let my office reflect my love of fabric and line.

Now to make something for my window.


K.Line said...

Oooh, I bet your fash theory class will be terrific!

Jennifer said...

It sounds like a wonderful space to spend time in! Maybe you'd consider posting a few photos of it sometime?