Friday, October 19, 2012

Wedding Jackets

Twenty-one years ago this evening I married Mr. C. 

It was the simplest of weddings at the stone chapel of the university where we were both working on our PhDs--no flowers, no attendants, no guest list--just as I wanted.

And definitely no proper wedding dress.  That just isn't me (I didn't even look for a bridal shop), though I did want a new dress. 

The one I loved, which was also the only one I liked, was a navy Chanel dress with a fitted bodice, Norma Kamali-style retro-wide straps via Paris chic, double-breasted gold CC buttons and a short pouf skirt.

It was not unlike the dress on the left (weeps):

It was bloody awesome, but as I had neither plastic nor parents, nor any possibility of raising the funds as a graduate student away from her home country, the dress remained on the rail.  And I redirected my shopping focus into my closet.

For my wedding I wore a black fitted chauffeur's jacket by WilliWear, designed by Willi Smith, black stockings, and black heels.  I must have bought it, in Canada, during Fall 1986. 

This is Willi:

Here's an excerpt from a review of that collection in the Pittsburgh Press, by Mariann Caprino.

It was called Totally Serious, and I must have been too, twenty-one years ago, with a healthy dose of humour on the side, because here we are.  And the jacket is still in my closet too.


K.Line said...

Gorgeous post! Congratulations.

thatdamngreendress said...

love it! Congratulations!!

WendyB said...

Loved Willi Smith! He's much missed. Happy anniversary!

LPC said...

Lovely, graceful post. Congratulations on your enduring happy marriage.

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Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
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love you dear :)