Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Roamin' Holiday

Oh, *groan,* I know, but how could I resist said pun after spying this skirt/top ensemble in the vitrine of tibi.  We'd been roaming around Soho and this lipstick red combination caught my eye on the way out.

It reminds me of something Princess Ann in disguise might have worn in Roman Holiday.  I can see this look on Audrey, on a Vespa, on the cobblestone streets, all nipped-in waist, tidy blouse and gently billowing skirt.

Alas, on the tibi website, the stylists choose to emphasize the croppedness of the red top, which is a decidedly not-Audrey look.  That's why I'm just showing the skirt on its own here.

So my dilemma here is the age-old question: tibi or not tibi. 

Tibi if the crop top is long enough to evoke an Audrey silhouette.  Not tibi if it's too short.  Et tu, gentle readers?


Justine said...

Well, i'm currently 8 months pregnant, and can only dream of actually having a waist - so I say nay. But, if I was at my fighting weight I might consider it if it came closer to the waist than not. Regardless, the colour is gorgeous!

Miss Cavendish said...

Congratulations! Agreed that lipstick red is a marvelous color; even its name thrills me.

GSL said...

Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favs (as she is to most everybody) and I couldn't recall seeing her in red however the google image search did reveal a few captivating images.

The above link is one I really like. I think she never looked better than in Charade however hated seeing her with the much too old Cary Grant. Also, Fred Astaire was far too old in Funny Face.

Miss Cavendish said...

Have you seen "My Week with Marilyn"? In it Miss Monroe notes how she, too, is usually paired with older actors.

GSL said...

I saw My Week with Marilyn last week on Netflix. Movie was OK. Michelle Williams was good but could never get over being conscious of watching a too short Kenneth Branaugh impersonating Olivier.