Friday, June 13, 2008

Of Muttons, Lambs, and Wilderbeasts

Did you grow up reading Seventeen? (Of course you did.) My aunt gave me my first copy in 1975, when I was far from the target age; indeed, I had just turned ten!

Earlier this year I was feeling nostalgic (sorry, DV!) and tracked down a copy on eBay. It was pure muscle memory as I physically re-experienced all the ads and editorials—Bonne Belle, Farrah for Wella. Ship 'n Shore, intarsia sweaters, and my favorite: Long and Silky shampoo.

How I loved those Long and Silky pictures. Girls with hair down to their waists, always shining, always swinging, never looking scarily cult-y.

I remember when there was a contest to locate readers with the longest, silkiest hair. The winners were photographed going to see Hair in New York, and I wished I could have been there too.

But when, if ever, should those long-and-silky locks be shorn? I had a haircut this afternoon, and we snipped two inches off my length (still safely below shoulders, though). Right now, long and silky for me would code mutton-as-lamb, and that’s not my vibe.

However, what if one wants one’s hair to be mutton? Or lamb? Or how about lion or elk or wilderbeast--or Irish setter?

Well, then, feast your eyes on these hair hats made by Japanese artist/filmmaker Nagi Noda.

They were photographed by Kenneth Cappello and have an otherworldly quality to them. I’d like to see them against a different background than the white sheet, though.

I could see Galliano using these hats in one of his productions, or Sheila Metzner photographing them in a fog-enveloped forest.

The punster in me hopes there’s a hare hat in the mix, or perhaps plans for a hare shirt, at least.


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

though i find these hairstyles to be very cutting edge, they're also somewhat disturbing. there's a sort of haunting quality making out the shapes of the animals in one's hair!

Rollergirl said...

Those are bonkers, but in a good way. I grew up on Jackie magazine, and I so wish I hadn't trashed all my old copies, they were fab!

Iheartfashion said...

I'm thinking about that lion for fall, but my kids have forbidden me to wear it when dropping them off at school.

riz said...

These hats are fantastic and pretty daring!

Diabolina said...

i remember when i turned thirteen i asked for a subscription for my b-day. my dad was concerned it was too mature for me - not being 17 and all.

great site - found you through wbjewlery ;)