Friday, June 6, 2008

A (Postal) Post for Miss Post

Here’s a closely guarded secret: during my grade 12 year in boarding school I won the dining room etiquette award. We had a formal dinner each evening, and were encouraged to follow the style of our veddy British headmaster: our forks were always in our left hand.

Anyway, this scandalous bit of info prefaces the fact that my manners have slipped with the advent of technology. I’m prompt with hand-written thank-you notes, but have been slow to post a proper list of blog links. Emily Post would be appalled.

So I’d like to “unveil” my new list of links—all style/fashion blogs I read regularly. If I haven’t included anyone, let me know; I’ll also do my best to update as I discover new-to-me savvy blogs.


K.Line said...

OK - Where did you go to boarding school (in Canada, Britain?). I too went to boarding school - Somerset, England. Are you, by any chance, a leftie? :-) There are some scary parallels between us, Ms. Victorian Homeowner, Gemini, Canadian.

PS: Happy birthday coming up soon. You should tell us when it is so we can send you fun wishes.

miss cavendish said...

Uncanny; my school was in Nova Scotia. But, alas, no dice on the lefty connection. Somerset sounds delightful. How many years were you there? I boarded for grades 10 through 12.

and--oh--my b-day is June 10.

K.Line said...

Hilarious... Grades 10 - 12, of course! Do you have a child born on April 2 by any chance?!

Times of Glory said...

What a cool post! God, boarding school can be very strict on manners... especially some traditional British ones... The picture is very sweet xxx

enc said...

A great list! You have good taste. And great manners.

enc said...

And Happy Birthday in advance!