Friday, February 27, 2009

Bottega Veneta: She's In the Bag!

Mr. C. has a leather duffel bag that he bought at Liberty of London a few years ago. I’ve coveted it daily—it’s a rich caramel in color, buttery soft yet sturdy.

But would I want to wear it?

With this new look above, it seems that Bottega Veneta is giving women the chance to wear a rich caramel bag.

While I’m more than happy to carry a bag in that color (and wear v. carry is an important distinction for me), I don’t find the color so flattering as a dress (I’d need to see it in person, naturally, before reaching a final verdict). And the leather just might be a bit too pouf-y. But again, an up-close inspection is necessary.

Still, the style, which is a bit space age (can’t you imagine some jet packs tucked in the back, a la the Jetsons?) appeals. Perhaps in a different color/fabric?

I like this yellow version, though (again a caveat!) the yellow is veering dangerously close to those 1970s rust/avocado/yellow kitchens. You know, the jolie laide look that Prada pioneered years ago, worn by Carolyn Murphy in her short blonde crop. (There was nothing laide about Carolyn though.)

But truly, the bulk in back (a space-age bustle?), which originally concerned me, is tamed by the belt, and does not obscure a woman’s waist.

I’ll be interested to see photos of other women wearing these dresses . . .


Belle de Ville said...

Ok, I don't love the leather dress but over all I've been so impressed with Bottega's collections over the last few years that I'm beginning to think that Bottega is the new Prada.

enc said...

I like the look from a design standpoint, but I wonder how functional it is. Ahh, the eternal question of "fashion."

Mr.OM and I enjoyed that caramel leather dress, marveling over how good that leather must feel to touch.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I'd wear it, but I probably won't be able to afford it unless there is a ridiculous sale at the end of the season since nobody has bought it. I'm guessing it will top 10k.

pve design said...

I want this dress, to wear while I make brown bag lunches. I would feel ever so elegant. I love the caramel but that citron color would show an acid wit.
I am going to the city to try this on.

Nancy said...

Bottega has so built the trust of creating what really works not what is effective on a runway -- that I have to assume that their leather dress is a dreamy fantasy for those that are lucky enough to have one!! Love your blog!