Sunday, March 1, 2009

House Dressing; Sabrina at Home

One of my touchstones is the Hepburn/Bogart film Sabrina. I reimagined and updated it in my fashion illustration class, I sometimes dream of awnings, and today I dropped off my six-year-old daughter at a birthday party at her new classmate’s Sabrina-esque house.

Decidedly old world and gracious, this home was built in a time past—it wasn’t as historic as my own 1874 digs, but it did boast some serious Jazz Age chops.

In such surroundings, though, I felt we were, in various washes of denim and wool (and one Prada nylon jacket), utterly anachronistic. If I lived in such a home I wonder whether I wouldn’t dress for it. (Full disclosure: although my house is well over 100 years old, I do not rake the front lawn in Victorian-era hook-and-eye boots.)

But something about this house just begged for martinis and cigarette holders, even though I despise olives and don’t smoke.

So here, courtesy of Jil Sander, are a few looks that would make a postmodern lass feel at home in the glamourous Sabrina house:


Sal said...

You're spot on as always: These are the perfect postmodern take on Sabrina. And I'd seriously consider selling my soul for ANY Jil Sander frock.

enc said...

You have an expert eye for location and presentation.