Friday, March 27, 2009

Analyze This

I’ve seen the “Linked Within” widget on esteemed blogs like this one and this one, and, intrigued, thought I’d try it out.

I’ve never taken the time to categorize my posts, to group them under headings, so I thought that this widget might do the job in a more entertaining manner.

I’m curious to see what it will suggest as “related stories.”

Of course, my silly side recalls the Seinfeld episode where George’s Ti-Vo taped only gay-themed programs for him, much to his confusion.

So let’s see how the widget “reads” Miss Cavendish.


WendyB said...

Sometimes it's really worked and sometimes I don't know what it's thinking, but I've been rather amused. Waiting to see if anyone complains, but so far so good! I'll check yours now.

"Trapsac" is an ugly word verification.

K.Line said...

I'm going to have to try this...