Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miss Cellaneous at Midnight

As the clock prepares to strike midnight, I’m finishing some pre-sleep browsing online.

I’ve been distracted from stylish thoughts during the past few weeks, but feel the spring fever coming on.

I therefore assembled some quirky items, all of which would be welcome in my spring closet.

The Philip Lim ruffle jacket above would look great with a pair of jeans and heels. I usually avoid ruffles, but these seem more cool than girly, so I’d give them a try.

These Robert Clergerie sandals have just the right combination of louche and ladylike for me. They’re really quite ugly-pretty, but the velvety suede appeals. I could wear these with shorts and feel contentedly decadent.

Finally, I’ve been missing a low-slung belt from my wardrobe. When I worked for a designer in Canada, I had two great Viking-inspired belts (really!). They were pieced metal and one was super heavy—great for sweaters—and the other was a lighter, relatively more delicate version. I gave them away years ago thinking I’d never wear them again, but . . .

Anyway, I rather like this one from Etro. It’s clean and the wavy paisley is a feminine shape. But I do wish that the leather were brown, so it would better complement my clothing.


WendyB said...

That Lim jacket is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

ALL of Philip Lim's jackets are perfection!